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Casement Windows

Crafted using all types of wood

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Our Casement Windows are made with a wide variety of woods. They are carefully crafted with a combination of precision, machinery and hand made craftsmanship.

All our windows can be made in a variety of woods and any colour you like.

The glass and fittings can be also be made just about to any specification you wish.

Our wooden casement windows can be manufactured from the finest Oaks, Accoya, and Softwoods all from sustainable forests. Our workshop in Worcestershire produces windows, doors, fire doors, staircases, beams, cupboards & storage and lots more (Just ask!). 

Our casement windows can be primed and painted in any colour you like. We generally recommend the water based series of paints from Farrow And Ball, which are evenly sprayed and applied in our paint shop.

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Casement Windows require precision design and tolerances to be weather tight. The attention to detail we provide means that everything is designed the way you want it with care and attention.

The detail in our casement windows extend to such things as the fixtures and fittings we use. Whether it's a monkey tail or a pear drop style handle, these details will add the finishing touches to your beautifully crafted windows.

Casement window fittings come in a huge variety of style's and finishes, and we accommodate just about any type of desired fitting to suit the look you are trying to achieve.


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